Saturday, May 15, 2010

Game on

Everyone just left our house after the game night we hosted. I guess I can go get all the dirty dishes I hid in the garage sink now.

It was so fun! We did play games, too, so success all around. The kids played a fun game called Zingo and then later the adults played girls-against-boys Pictionary and the boys won. It was... loud. I think we'll have to modify the rules (perhaps no all plays?) if we do it again because it was pretty tough to hear at times! Their best win was "dumbbell" guessed in six seconds and ours was "orchestra" guessed in ten seconds. (I drew the orchestra, which consisted of a stand-up bass, cello, and half a flute before someone guessed it and I'm completely blanking on who - take credit in the comments please!)


Earlier Val and I went on our first clothes shopping trip EVER together and found a lovely flower girl dress and shoes for the wedding next month. (Mista & Mrs Blades? I never know what to call you.) Val also got to pick out a pair of flip flops that are made entirely of plastic (die, environment, die!) and light up each time she takes a step. Also, pink! Purple! Ladybugs! Butterflies! Sparkly!

I need to be careful how much I complain about over-the-top girly girl things such as this because I do want Val to know that what matters to her is very important to me, I just do not at all share the same interests. =)



  1. Dangit. The first sentence should read: forcing myself to allow my baby girl to have at least one partially pink outfit per size. It should make more sense now.

  2. Ohh, boy. I'm trying to ease myself into anything pink (since I detest that color and the social stigmas attached to it) by forcing myself to have at least one partially pink outfit per size. Hopefully, by the time she's Val's age, her choices on girlie dresses and sparkly accessories won't induce seizures. Maybe I'll still need some anti-hyperventilating tips when that time comes.Bravo, tom-boy-momma!