Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Age and jays

Today I got my eyebrows waxed for what I think was the third time in my life. I'm pleased with the results. I'm pretty sure I'll go back and start doing this regularly. This whole getting pretty thing is quite the undertaking!


I don't know how it is for you, but sometimes I don't age with my body. The age I feel I am inside doesn't match my physical age. For example, for a long time I felt like I was only 23, just with a couple of toddlers I had to take care of. Even being called "mommy" took some getting used to. It still blows my mind that the giant three year old who lives in our house is my daughter.

Recently, though, I've been feeling more my age; I'll be 28 next month. I don't feel helpless or overwhelmed or want to call my mommy with every turn of events (though I do still call her a lot!); I feel like a fairly competent 27 year old. I haven't experienced a whole heck of a lot in comparison to my peers (the list of things I've never done is embarrassingly long, but I'm past caring about that - it's the way it is) but I have gone through some pretty "adult-ish" stuff and emerged a little older and wiser. Or, I’d like to think I have.

Lookit me! I'm finally feeling all growed up.

I'm getting a handle on marriage and settling in to being content more often than not with my marriage… and everything that comes with it - namely, a 6'3" 220 lb. man named Superman.

I'm discovering what my parenting style looks like and feeling less pressured by "them" to do it x, y or z way or else it's WRONG. Mothering isn't a responsibility I take lightly and there isn't any other person on this earth who knows my girls more completely than I do. That doesn't mean I won't listen to your insight or experience or suggestions - I'll probably just feel less threatened, afterward. =)

You know what else? Some times I actually LIKE myself. That negative dialog I'm so accustomed to playing in my head hasn't been all that negative recently. I've known all about grace for most of my life but only recently have I actually, truly accepted and experienced it. I'm happy with my strengths and try to be realistic with my limitations. Heck, the fact that I can TELL you what my limitations even are is huge.


Yesterday morning I noticed the dogs were very interested in something under our patio chairs. I went out to investigate and it turned out to be a teenager-ish blue jay who either couldn't fly yet or had a hurt leg or wing. I immediately put the dogs inside and stood back to watch as the parent jays swooped in to check on their offspring, chattering and whistling their concern and encouragement.

A few hours later I saw the parents were still hanging around in the lower branches of the lime tree so I went out to investigate. Sure enough the little baby bird was huddled down in one of our bushes. It looked strong and seemed to be able to get around just fine, just obviously couldn't fly. I took it water and bread soaked in a little milk and retreated inside. Val was particularly concerned. She assured the bird, “don’t worry baby birdie, those big dogs can’t get you. Don’t be scared. It’s OK.” That night, the bird was still there and the bread had hardly been touched, if at all.

This afternoon I took it some crushed mixed nuts and raisins soaked in water. The bird looks strong so if nothing else its parents are feeding it dog food that for some reason my dogs haven't been finishing. I've noticed the parents hopping down to help themselves to the dogs' food and water for the past few weeks and suspected they lived near by.

I think the parent birds are beginning to trust me. Whenever I go out the mama bird whistles low to me and I try to make reassuring noises back. I don't want to mess with them but I do want to help their little one if they'll let me or if they need it. Once I didn't see the baby (good little bird was hiding just like his mama told him to) until I was practically right on top of him, in the bush, and so he felt threatened and hopped out and squawked/flapped at me. I think he's healthy enough, just can't fly yet. So maybe we'll be lucky enough to watch him learn!

The dogs resent being banished to the side yard, but they'll have to deal with it. It looks like they didn't hurt the bird and I'm glad about that (Jackson especially likes birds.)


Edit: I just checked on the bird family this morning and it turns out there's two babies on the ground now. Did it fall too or did the parents just decide they might as well keep the family together? Either way, it's more dangerous now because the local squirrels (there are MANY) have noticed the babies. I've chased away two already and am keeping my kitchen window open so I can hear the parents' calls if they come back. I also picked up the food.

Also, I have no idea what kind of birds these are. They're blue with a white underside. No crest. Very slightly brown around the shoulders. Dark blue/black heads and eyes. They look more like a blue jay, which I think aren't supposed to live here, and even though Steller's jays are supposed to be native here I don't think that's what they are. I'm pretty sure they aren't a blue birds, either.

Ah HA. They're a family of California scrub jays. Duh. I should have known that.

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  1. Scrub jay is exactly what I was going to guess:). How fun!! For you, not them so much;).