Friday, April 2, 2010


Well, I'm officially a mother of girls. Of course this has always been the case, but a few nights ago I made it completely irrevocably official when I bought Easter baskets that have - are you ready for this - removable tutus for wearing while hunting for eggs. Of course they are pink and purple and frilly and flowery and I don't know if there could BE anything more girly. I bought them not because I liked them, but because I knew how happy they would make my girls, especially Val.


Yes there will be pictures. =)


As Easter approaches I've been brainstorming, trying to figure out how I'm going to incorporate Twitter and Facebook back into my life. Or even if I am going to incorporate them back into my life. I see Twitter as a mini-blogging platform of sorts, so it's important to me because it's writing of mine that some people find entertaining (Twitter automatically updates my Facebook status.) Tweeting itself isn't an issue. Catching up or reading the tweets of people I follow can be an issue.

Facebook is obviously an issue. I was VERY surprised at how often the thought crossed my mind to check Facebook in the first few days and week of giving it up. I was able to see just how much Facebook and the internet in general ruled my time instead of me ruling Facebook and the internet. In the weeks that followed I made the decision to keep my laptop closed as much as possible throughout the hours of the day that my kids are awake. Elaine still naps (for an hour! maybe an hour and a half!) in the afternoons and Val will often watch a video during that time. I try to be productive and use my computer for legitimate work during that time, leaving the evenings after they're in bed for online free time.

I found I enjoyed life more when I did things this way. I want to continue doing things mostly that way. I'm sorry to all my mainly Twitter and Facebook friends - but the people I see face to face every day need to see my face instead of seeing my face behind a laptop. I do think Facebook is a fantastic way to keep in touch, which is why I'm not deactivating my account altogether. It's also one of the only ways I can see pictures that my friends and family have shared.

Here's what I'm thinking currently. Every week or so, I like to get away by myself for a few hours. I am an introvert and this time alone is SO KEY for me to be able to feel like I'm a functional human being. I'm glad Superman is happy to make this a priority. My plan is to check Facebook and read @tweets only during this "time off." It'll be a lot less frequently than I used to be on Facebook, but it will force me to prioritize my time and not be as prone to wander off into a friend of a friends photo album, or waste time in other ways.

So! If you need to reach me, please call, text or email instead of using Facebook or Twitter.


  1. I agree...good for you! :D

  2. Sounds like you're taking the bull by the horns. Good for you!! I admire and respect YOU and your decision.

  3. I tried deactivating my account; it is absolutely pointless because if you login with the same username and password, it reactivates your account instantly. haha! SO I had Sam change the password on my facebook account and not tell me what the new password was so there was no way I could log in to my account, I'm THAT addicted! And the past 2 weeks without FB have been better in so many unexpected ways! I'm really encouraged by your example and the way you're going to discpline your time on there. maybe I should try a plan like that...

  4. I've pretty much given up on reading others' tweets and facebook updates. I read the @-replies on twitter, and things in which I'm tagged on facebook. I might skim down the top page, or if I am particularly interested in one person I might go to their page, but that's it. So I know exactly what you mean! I think your decision to spend less time in front of the laptop and more time with the people in your life is perfectly reasonable and admirable. :-)