Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Honk if you love these sandals

I honked my horn yesterday. At another driver. Who came very close to sideswiping me during an unsafe lane change.

I'll have you know that in 12 years of driving I have never honked my horn in a near-accident type situation. I am generally more concerned with getting out of the bad driver's way than getting my hand on the horn to express my displeasure in the offending car.

So this car merges onto the freeway (I very nearly typed "logged on" to the freeway. Good GRIEF.) and proceeds to sail across several lanes in one fell swoop. The swoop stopped at my lane, where I suppose I was in her blind spot, that is until I swerved, braked and honked. That was it. No big road rage thing. No close calls (not really), no slamming to a screeching halt, no spinning out of control. Just your standard overly eager lane changer nearly side swiping another car situation.

It's strange that I honked though. I don't think I felt particularly angry. I think it really was a "hey what are you doing? I'm in this lane" honk.

Hmm. I'm a honker now. I didn't think I had it in me - maneuver safely out of the way AND have the presence of mind to honk at an appropriate time? Huh.

In other news. I would love a pair of these sandals. Input?

In still other news, for the first time since... COLLEGE?!? I bought a pair of non-maternity jeans. I invested in three pairs of lovely, long GAP jeans and have worn two of them into shreds. Quite literally. The last pair is getting quite a work out. I hate shopping for pants. Fortunately I found a suitable pair of Levis at Kohls - on sale, even!

All the Easter candy I've been eating has effectively silenced my immune system and landed me a sore throat. I need to get to sleep, ASAP.


  1. I like the sandals, and I've never had a pair of Sketchers I haven't loved, so there's that. I'm the same way about honking. I feel totally weird and...embarrassed(?) on the VERY rare occassion I have the presence of mind to do it when it's actually appropriate, and I always just feel so, I don't know, exposed and ineffective and yucky about it afterward. I'm weird.

  2. I like the sandals. The 'Woman's Girl Crush' have possibilities too. Like the beads! Maybe not quite so much, tho. I'm with ya on the honking thing, I'd rather just hurry and get out of the way too. Maybe the Easter candy had something to do with your display of honks.Sorry about the sore throat, sugar does that to me too,.... that's why I left it at your house, I assumed you'd have better self control than me. Of which I'm sure you did.Oh, about the sandals, put your order in on FreeCycle. Knowing you, You'd hit pay-dirt. Love Ya!!