Wednesday, March 10, 2010



Guess what folks? My brother's a WIENER! (OK, fine. Winner.) TAB and the team went home with the Organizer's Choice award which means they were generally all-around AWESOME and I think they even scored $500. In nickels, of course. And a rusty old trophy made from car parts.

Despite having a giant wiener flopping around (ok, it was actually pretty hard [you can only imagine how stimulating it was to talk about the car all weekend]) on the roof, the car placed 56th out of 147. Not bad at all! They got only two black flags (MUCH improved over the last race, which was everyone's first time) and sang their way (Oh I wish I were a Nascar Mayer Wiener....) out of one penalty.

Press coverage (kinda) of the team and their Wienermobile!

REAL press coverage!

Perhaps most notable of all is that they raise money for non-profit organizations each time they race. This time they raced for Anastasis Ballet.

Go, Bandits, GO!

(To all Lent police, I realize I linked to two Facebook pages. I thought an exception could be made in this case.)


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  1. I assume you got a kick out of writing that 1st line of the 2nd paragraph;).