Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bruises and blood

I had a discussion today with Val on the nature of bruises.

"Oh Mommy! You have an owie! It hurt you?"

Yes I do, and yes, it does.

"Lemme kiss it and it feel better." She gently kisses it, her hands tenderly touching either side of the mark. "Why it not bleeding?"

Well, it is bleeding, but all the blood is underneath the skin. See all the colors? That's from blood being where it's not supposed to be.

"Oh. And all the blood, it go down your leg onto your foot?" I can tell she's thinking about where there would be blood to clean up, and then place a band-aid.

No, it's not outside my skin, it just stays inside.

"Why, Mommy?" this point I'm tempted to launch into a detailed explanation of the circulatory system and skin, but I refrain, knowing it's outside her ability to comprehend even if I did use words she could understand. I always figure more information is better than too little, though. Because one day (and I don't know which one) she WILL be able to understand it, and when she's able to, I want her to at least remember that someone did tell her a little bit about it before. And maybe it'll make more sense after the fact. That sort of thing has happened to me lots of times.

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  1. What an awesome blessing that our grandkids have such wise parents.Thank YOU, Lord!!