Saturday, January 16, 2010


Turns out kids aren't the only ones who get grouchy if they haven't eaten well. This morning was a rough morning for all of us.

Val is in a boundary-pushing phase and OH MY GOOD LORD is it taking every last bit of my energy and patience to follow through and be consistent every. Single. Time. Well, apparently I reached the end of my patience and snapped at her. Instead of snapping back as she is wont to do, (she is SO GOOD at reflecting back my own bad attitude and/or tone of voice) her eyes immediately filled with tears as she turned to me and said quietly with lower lip quivering, "don't be mad at me, Mommy."


Pretty humbling when your own two-year-old is the bigger person. I'm also really proud of her for being brave enough to tell me how I was making her feel in the situation. That's a huge life skill.


  1. Oh, my--I've been having a time of it with my girl this week and got her version thereof--tear-filled eyes, sad face, spoken almost as a whisper, "Mommy, don't use a mean voice." Ouch.

  2. Ok, so i was looking at your 365 pics... the girls are HUGE!!! where does the time go???? Oh man. I wish we lived closer to each other!

  3. You're not the only mom whose oldest daughter is the 'bigger' person. That's happening in my family as well.

  4. What a wisdom filled post. You have the ability to look at both sides of the coin, OBJECTIVELY. Wow, what a mom!! And, I completely agree, being able to vocalize feelings is amazingly mature and insightful for anyone, not just a 2 year old. That coupled with her bravery and self confidence to confront you *Respectfully* speaks very well for her,.... and YOU. You make it safe for her to express herself. AGAIN,... Wow, what a Mom!!