Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 in review

1. January

I am pregnant and trying to ignore the fact that Val is ready to potty train. Elaine is born five days past her due date.

2. February

Elaine is a decidedly cranky infant, usually pacified by me and only me. I wear her a lot. I cry with her a lot. I am a decidedly sleep-deprived woman. Superman works a lot. I haven't been back to edit the birth story but have meant to add that I've since learned Elaine was sunny side up. THAT very clearly explains the whole torturous pushing thing. I guess the nurses/midwife didn't feel it necessary to tell me unless they had to? *sigh*

3. March

I experience a bona fide kidney stone sans drugs! I continue to learn how to function and keep my sanity with two children. (Sanity is questionable as we shall see in May.) Val turns 2.

4. April

I struggle with getting it all done. My cousin has a wedding ceremony (they were married the previous November) and I'm no longer the only married cousin! I can finally start tweeting again (I gave it up for Lent.)

5. May

I get another sister-in-law! My father continues his punny reputation. I experience an enormous spiritual breakthrough which is immediately followed by an enormous mental/emotional blow. We go live at my parents house. Superman and I celebrate 4 years of marriage.

6. June

In which I am depressed. And anxious about being so. I am told to stop nursing Elaine and my heart still hasn't healed. We enter the short-sale process after putting our house on the market and getting an offer within 24 hours. I turn 27.

7. July

We move to a house that is twice the size of our old one. I adjust to medication for depression and as a result my kids get their mom back and my husband is relieved to find his wife again. I am reduced to wordless gratitude for all my parents did to keep our family afloat. We go to a family camp and have a wonderful time. Val meets a boy who wants to marry her.

8. August

My little brother gets engaged! I say goodbye to a crazy, special man whose legacy will not soon be forgotten! Superman turns 29. We host the first of many monthly game nights for our families.

9. September

I feel anxious. I start connecting with people in my church. I fall into mad, passionate love with the air-conditioned house. We want to go houseboating but get sick instead.

10. October

Val says lots of cute things, and not much else happens, apparently.

11. November

I confess an addiction to my smart phone. We attend the Arse-Freeze-Apalooza and cheer on my brother as he careens around a racetrack in a little tin can of a car. I am thankful. I return to counseling.

12. December

I fall into mad, passionate love with the centrally-heated house. We celebrate Christmas as our own little family for the first time but not on Christmas because Superman works through the holidays. I take my first overnight trip alone with my kids to celebrate my truly great aunt and uncle's 60th wedding anniversary.


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