Wednesday, December 23, 2009


If you're looking for a snuggly baby carrier look no further than Carry Me Away. The website is very informative and Laurel is extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with.

On her site you'll find helpful articles that describe the many different kinds of available carriers as well as the pros and cons associated with each one. There are so many options and everyone seems to have a different preference which is why it's great to know Carry Me Away carries the best of each type!

I recently added to my collection (I now have three - but I guess that's enough to constitute a collection!) and got an ERGObaby carrier. I also have an Ellaroo wrap and a Kangaroo Korner Pouch. I find the wrap to be awesome for infants - a very secure hold - but it's best for long carries. I used it mostly around the house as it's a bear to try and put on when you're out and about. The wrap is endlessly versatile and fit is automatic. I've carried Val a few times on my back in the wrap as well. The pouch was a great alternative, because it's the simplest thing in the world to put on and off and can easily fit in a diaper bag. However as Elaine got heavier the pouch became uncomfortable. Unfortunately my body type just doesn't work well with the pouch design, especially with heavier babies. Due to my long torso and in order to get a correct fit the baby ends up resting more on my rib cage instead of my hips, and that gets more and more uncomfortable as the baby grows!

I've had my ERGObaby carrier for about a week and I'm already SO happy with it. Initially I wondered if I would find it too bulky (the padding and buckles make it difficult to tuck into a diaper bag) but that's part of what makes it a great option for carrying for longer periods of time!

A few nights ago some of my family went to a living nativity of sorts called Bethlehem AD. You wander though a recreation of how Bethlehem might have looked at the time Jesus was born. There are people in costume, animals, singing, dancing and free donuts and apple cider.

I started out the night wearing Elaine on the front because I knew she was tired and needed to fall asleep. Then at the end of the night Elaine woke up and by then Val was too tired to walk. I passed off Elaine to Superman and just turned the carrier around, adjusted NOTHING and Val rode on my back as we walked back to the cars.

Super simple, super comfortable and super wonderful!




  1. I've been meaning to post on this but the busyness of the season, travelling, the wedding, etc, I'm just now getting to catching up on this sort of thing.I'm glad you like your Ergo. My favorite thing about mine is I can adjust it so Shoshana rests on my hip which allows for her to look OUTWARD which is her favorite thing. I rather wish she would be more content just snuggling on my chest but she just has to smile at every passing stranger. I don't know of any other carrying system (other than the Bjorn which my chiropractor specifically asked I don't get) that allows for facing outward.

  2. I think a friend of mine has that the one with the little flap that you can cover the baby's head with so they can sleep without distraction? I think I see it in the first picture.