Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cutest grump

My photos are taking ages to upload so I'm assuming I forgot my camera was set to shoot in RAW.


I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful counseling is. My counselor appears to be wise and insightful, but she hasn't said very much yet so I can't be sure. I'm assuming she is because she is licensed after all and the few words she has said were well thought out.

Good thing it's working well because boy howdy does it ever cost. In my experience so far you certainly get what you pay for. Our last counselor was working to get licensed but was much cheaper because he had to build up the hours (he was working under a licensed counselor.) He did some great stuff for Superman and me, but I could tell there were skills he still needed to develop.

My current counselor seems very competent. Things are happening. I like having clear goals and direction. I'm trying not to let my achiever perfectionist tendencies jump in and ruin any sort of real progress by monitoring and quantifying the "progress" towards the goal. Talk about fatal flaws. Pessimistic, procrastinating perfectionism sure has tried to take me down repeatedly - and has succeeded!


Val is a very tall two-year-old. I need to actually measure her and compare because I forget so often that she's ONLY TWO. I expect her to act like a four year old sometimes. Makes us both miserable.

Speaking of miserable, guess who will probably be done with naps sooner than later? That's right. My very tall two-year-old. I've been encouraging naps (DUH) but have noticed that lately even though she goes to bed around 8 pm, she is still awake around 10 pm or later. *sigh* The last two or three days I've just arranged for her to have a little downtime in the afternoon and she's done fine and is usually asleep by 8 pm.

Goodbye, relatively reliable chunk of silence in my afternoons!


Elaine has been waking up a few hours after she goes to bed. She cries and wails, half-asleep until I come and scoop her up to rock. The second I pick her up it's like she says, "oh good, you're here" as she rubs her face into my shoulder and presses up against me. Then she sighs those little whimpery, post-crying sighs and promptly falls asleep. I don't know why she wakes up - I would think if she were in pain (teething or tummy) my presence wouldn't work quite as well. But I'm not complaining. I love to snuggle my kids. I've often thought it's a shame they don't get sick more often because that's the ONLY time I ever get to snuggle with them while they're awake.

I asked Superman to take the following pictures and I'm glad I thought to. There are so many motherhood moments that you would LOVE to have reminders of but no one is there to capture them. Fortunately he was willing and the baby grudgingly allowed it (though we did have the audacity to turn on the light.)






Mother. Do you see Daddy? Did you know he's taking our picture?



Dude. Enough with the camera already. Leave me and Mommy alone.


Sorry for the weird lighting. I tried to fix it, but gave up because I'm going to bed instead.


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  1. We're on the same page with naps here, too. She's tired during the day, and will sometimes take one, but when she does it (usually) makes bedtime more difficult and she doesn't fall asleep until LATE. Sigh. Great pics!