Saturday, November 28, 2009

Stupid me

Wow. I think I was (am) addicted to my smart phone.

I recently decided to remove the internet connect-ability from my phone because I was becoming increasingly aware of my tendency to be glued to the phone instead of doing other, more profitable things such as folding laundry, making dinner, showering and oh, I don't know - PARENTING maybe.

I had been all set to get the Palm Pre when our contract is up in February but the more I think about it, the more I'm realizing I just don't need it and it would not be beneficial to me. Since I've been internet-less on my phone my productivity has vastly improved. I'm more motivated. I'm not just waiting until the next quiet moment so I can check Facebook or Twitter or email.

Boundaries are good for me and I think I do better when the internet and all it provides and has to offer is confined to my computer. I always did complain (before I got a smart phone) how ridiculous it is for a phone to do much more than call people. Then I got a smart phone and quickly became addicted, wanting to reason with myself, defending why I NEEDED it. And now I'm somewhat appalled at the power I happily gave it over me and my time.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not judging any of you with smart phones, not at all! It can be a really useful tool - as long as you keep it in its place. I was missing out on real life because I was so caught up in online life. As far as I know Superman will probably get a Pre. I might get something a little better suited for no internet or I might just *gasp* keep my old phone until it breaks!

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