Thursday, November 5, 2009

Of talking cats and sleeping flashlights

Val has been fairly restrained in her treatment of the cats thus far. Lately she's been trying to pick them up in inappropriate ways and so I've been policing her more heavily in that regard. She's not allowed to pick up the cats until she can prove to me that she can consistently do it correctly and only when it's OK with the cat.

I'm teaching her that animals can communicate with sounds and actions and so sometimes I ask her what the cats are saying. It's pretty funny to hear her interpretation of the cats when they're growling and complaining at each other - she's usually right on!

This morning I heard Tesla protest so I dropped what I was doing and quickly went to see what was going on. I asked Val what Tesla had said and she responded, "Tesla said, 'Meow! Put me down! Meow! Put me down!'"

"Oh, so you picked Tesla up?" I love that a cat can tell on a kid, by the kid's own interpretation.


So I had her apologize to Tesla and pet her gently.



Yes, Val?

"Have to be quiet. My flashlight sleeping!"

Oh really? OK.

"My flashlight sleeping in the WATER!"

What?! Where?

"Come. I show you."

We went to the bathroom where I discovered her flashlight (turned on) wrapped in a hand towel "sleeping" inside the toilet bowl.



  1. You must have the cutest kids in the entire history of life!