Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving thanks

It's been a year of enormous challenges and blessings.

Last year at this time I was seven months pregnant with the most hilariously expressive princess I've ever met. I'm so glad I am able to enjoy her.


My oldest daughter continues to amaze and humble me; I'm so grateful for her heart and I hope I never lose sight of it.

My Superman really is my perfect match. His love for me and loyalty to me is truly amazing. He keeps no record whatsoever of my wrongs and for that I am ever so thankful.

He had to work and today was just another normal Thursday for our family but that didn't stop me from looking around and blinking back tears of gratitude for all I've been blessed with.

Happy Thanksgiving!

(Incidentally, Val currently believes 'Happy Halloween!' to be something you say in parting, along with 'bye!' 'love you!' and 'drive safely!' I discovered this while eavesdropping on conversations with and between her dolls. I'm hoping Thanksgiving and Christmas will have a similar effect.)

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  1. Elaine's hair looks a bit reddish in this picture... is it the lighting or is she naturally blessed with this beautiful attribute? ;-) Clearly, she's a doll either way, but red hair certainly would add a special charm =)