Sunday, October 11, 2009

There are so many more

"Mom. What's that sound?" Val paused playing with her doll and books and cocked her head to listen.

"It's an airplane flying over our house," I replied.

"No Mom. That's a helicopter. Let's go see."

So we went outside to look. It was a helicopter.


Val knocked her arm against the door frame as she sprinted into the bathroom. After holding her elbow and crying a little she turned around and went back into the hall where she said, "Let's try that again."

Then she walked back through the doorway while saying, "Yay! Not hurting now!"

I have to say that maneuvering around the house without hurting yourself is a useful skill to learn. I haven't completely mastered it yet, as evidenced by the random bruises that never seem to completely leave my legs. Perhaps I should follow her example.


My laptop wasn't doing something the way I wanted and I muttered something about a stupid computer under my breath. Val piped up to ask if my computer was broken. "Yeah, it's not working right now." I replied.

"Oh," she commiserated, "have to pound it now?"

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