Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Some days I still don't believe that I am able to choose my attitude. Today has been especially difficult to put that into practice. It's a nice thing to say but have you ever TRIED choosing to be happy? Or, more realistically, choosing not to stomp around all growly and resentful? I can only hope the struggle gets easier with time (and practice.)

Two day ago I ran out of gas on the freeway just one mile from my exit. Based on my previous knowledge of the car (when Superman ran out of gas) I estimated I had closer to 80 miles to go after the gas light went on. Turns out I had only 63.2.

Last night I locked my keys in the car.

Dare I get behind the wheel anytime soon? Don't things come in threes?

I'm losing weight and hate it. I realize mine is a unique struggle but it still is a struggle. I just want to maintain at a healthy weight for my height, which is at least six more pounds than my current weight, and I'm still slowly dropping. What the heck, body? I should probably commit to a more regular exercise routine. And remember to eat healthfully. Self control is HARD, dangit.

My heart has been smiling to itself all day today because last night a bunch of men delivered a beautiful FREE piano in good condition. I have a piano! I love being able to just sit down and play a song or two whenever the mood strikes throughout the day. I also love that when I do play, Val stops whatever she's doing and comes running to dance to the music.


  1. Cheers on receiving a piano! Even though I can't play, life without one would be - well, very different. Less expressive. No way to plink out a tune which in some small way eases the burden on my heart...