Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Superman and I were in another room when our conversation was interrupted by a loud crash immediately followed by Val's wails. I dashed in to see Val on the floor, rubbing her ankle and crying. Her kid-sized table lay on its side. I scooped her up and she calmed down. We came to find out she had been using the table to try and reach some books that were on top of the mantel.

I assessed her injury and determined it to be minor (Val was disappointed she didn't even get a band-aid) and Superman talked to her about the incident. They agreed that standing on tables wasn't very wise and could lead to people getting hurt. Then Superman asked, "what would have been a better way to get the books?" assuming the answer would be something along the lines of "asking Mommy or Daddy for help." We've discussed this before.

Instead, the answer was a very pleased and triumphant, "Get a LADDER!!!"

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  1. Awesome!!! Why not try to be as independent as possible! :P