Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The day the [daugher] stood still in the corner

Because I've been trying to write at least something, semi-regularly: Joshua 9 and 10 is where I've been spending time today. I love that God came through even though it was totally all the Israelites' fault. And I love Joshua's faith. There. How's that for spirituality?

Elaine has one top tooth.

I took a shower. (Yes, this is blog-worthy.)

Tomorrow I have to pack because this weekend it'll be just Superman and me! Woo!

Val is making me crazy. Cra. Zy. I swear she is unlearning things faster than I can re-teach them to her. Talk about selective listening. It's like she only retains it as long as it takes to parrot the rule and consequence back to me and then-fwoom!-gone. Consistency will be the death of me. It's been a rough week for both of us. I hope we both learn whatever we're supposed to learn and soon. She's so excited to stay with Grandma and Grandpa and has asked repeatedly if Mommy and Daddy are going away. Yes. We are. Far away. So far away we're sleeping somewhere else! YAY, she says! YAY, I say! Until of course that night, when I will hear her voice over the phone and miss her tremendously.

Heck. It's 11:30 already. I should go to bed but I think I'll read one of my new Goodwill books instead.

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