Friday, September 25, 2009


Tesla has taken a liking to a porcupine puppet. She carries it around the house like a little lioness and stops every now and then to kick it into submission, make sure it's suitably dead, and then carries it off again. I assume this is because Methyl still shows no signs of even acknowledging Tesla as a member of the same species. Methyl's such a self-centered cat. She doesn't mean it, she has a wonderful heart and gives everything to us humans but she has no patience for Tesla. I'm pretty sure she'd be thrilled if Tesla ever were to disappear.


Elaine is a LOUD baby. Oh my word. She's always been expressive and has made her opinion abundantly clear. I am already at a loss as to how I'm going to handle this. Today Val and I were sitting on the couch, reading a book. A minute or so went by and Elaine realized there was a party going on without her. (She had been playing with toys, perfectly content until that moment.) She dropped everything and started squawking/shouting as she crawled our way. She stood up by the couch and started to crane her neck, trying to get us to look at her over the book. I tried ignoring her and the noise got louder. Quickly Val could no longer hear what I was reading. I tried "resetting" Elaine with her toys but that was SOOOO five minutes ago, Mom. Poor little sister tagalong.


At another point in the day Elaine was fussy and Val came up to me and said, "Maybe Elaine wants to play with me, Mom." What?!? Did you just ASK to play with your sister? I was all over it. OK! Fantastic idea! Here, look, lots of toys and books! Play away!

And. They. DID.

And they laughed with each other, squawked at each other, interacted and shared (mostly. Val pretty much made all the toy decisions for both of them and fortunately Elaine is happily distracted) and had a jolly good time! This lasted for minutes, people! Maybe even TEN minutes. It's enough to make a woman want another kid.


We're having a bunch of family members over tomorrow night to eat and play games and I still need to clean up a bit. And make Snickerdoodles. I've been getting up close to the same time as Superman each morning (4:30!) so I'm pretty tired.

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