Monday, August 24, 2009

Food for thought

We got a pretty rad double jogging stroller off Craigslist. The only (minor) downside is that the front wheel doesn't swivel which means in order to fully appreciate it I need to become a hard core jogger.

The past few nights Superman and I have gone for walks/runs around the neighborhood. I must say our new location is prime for runners and bikers. Lots of trails and wide residential streets.

I must also say that HOLY SMOKING COW I AM OUT OF SHAPE. I thought exercise was suppose to feel good? I was waiting for my flood of endorphins... and I'm still waiting. Instead all I got was the feeling of my absolutely-devoid-of-all-muscle butt bouncing around. So not cool.

I keep saying I'm going to plan a weekly food menu and then I never do because frozen pizza and Top Ramen takes way less thought. However, this is about to change, really, I mean it this time, and here's why: Superman is going to help. He's always the one who remembers to ask about food. Most of the time when he asks (at a perfectly reasonable time to expect an answer), "What's for dinner?" I generally reply by way of blank stare. I'm actually frantically trying to recall what we have in the house that is edible in order to throw together some sort of answer because clearly he expects to eat something for dinner. And until the words came out of his mouth I hadn't given it even half a thought. Besides, he's way better at coming up with appealing meals. I'm more than happy to prepare something I already know is going to be a big hit and therefore more worth while.

When it comes to food preparation I am firmly in my mother's school of thought: you spend hours (ok or half an hour) slaving away over something and then it's gone in 20 minutes and all you get is a pile of dirty dishes. Notice the martyr-like attitude? Slaving? Pile of dirty dishes? Woe is me, because I'd rather be doing 97 (or 14) other things! My mom is still a much more healthy cook than I am and nothing compares to her homemade bread or cinnamon rolls. I'm just saying we are more likely to enjoy serving in other ways.

It would behoove me to follow the example of my super mother-in-law, who adores being able to prepare food for the people she loves. It is her true privilege and joy and it goes right along with her nurturing personality. It is impossible to visit her home without feeling loved, accepted and fed emotionally and physically. Her reward is the words of praise and appreciation for her cooking, the conversation during the meal with those she loves - that's what motivates her to wash dirty dishes. My friend once described a visit to my mother-in-law's home by asking in amazement, "did she just hug my soul?"

So yes. Food plan. Weekly menu. I'll sit down with Superman and together we can put together a healthy and delicious menu. Then we'll go shopping. Then we'll follow the menu and live happily ever after and no food will ever be wasted or thrown out. Amen.


  1. You'd better get chickens to get anywhere close to the " food will ever be wasted or thrown out" comment. They'll happily comsume the spit out, stirred around, and generally thrashed leftovers after a toddler is 'all dume!'

  2. "Then we'll follow the menu and live happily ever after and no food will ever be wasted or thrown out. Amen."Hehehe... let me know how that goes! It's the bane of my existence. Trying to get better at remembering what the heck is even in there so we remember to eat it before it grows hair.