Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The past few days have been sorta rocky in the mornings. My mind won't let me just chill out and relax already and it's all I can do to keep myself from googling unhelpful phrases. I wonder how much of it is related to medication and how much of it is my own brain chemistry.

Superman wanted to see Transformers this morning and so we did. Instead of going along martyr-like (I have never wanted to see the movie) I decided to make the best of it and focus on enjoying being out alone with my husband. Superman found the movie to be highly disappointing (no surprise for me there, but then again I never watched the actual Transformer cartoons) so it was fortunate we only paid $6 per ticket. I did hold his hand and snuggle while he watched the movie but I wasn't paying very close attention. I found that I couldn't watch for longer than five minutes at a time without wanting to jab Superman in the ribs and make snide remarks about how stupid/lame/predictable/unnecessary certain parts were. I must say this line made me laugh out loud though:

"My father was a wheel! The first wheel! And do you know what he transformed into? Nothing! But he did so with honor!"

- Jetfire

I look forward to the end of next month when we'll be all moved in and more or less settled. I've never moved before. Well, I moved with my parents when I was one year old and then to college and back again and then into the house after I married Superman. And now four years and two kids later we're moving our family for the first time. A lot of firsts. I hope I handle it well and realistically. I tend to have this thing about impossible expectations (for myself and others.) One fortune I once got from a fortune cookie said, "Impossible expectations just make life difficult." Yeah, not really a fortune, but very true words.

Time for bed since it's almost midnight and Elaine has been waking up multiple times for the past few nights. Oh motherhood... never off duty. Ever.

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