Friday, July 24, 2009


Today I cleaned a bathroom, top-to-bottom, wall-to-wall, every drawer and shelf and even wiped down the ceiling above the shower. This would have been impossible were it not for a lovely lady who kept my kids safe and entertained.

I'm gearing up to attend a family camp up in the mountains during next week. It'll be the first time we've camped as a family. Technically it's not true camping because we'll have our meals served to us and there are nice bathrooms and showers (at least nicer than a campground) but I'm still bracing myself for the worst when it comes to sleep. Ugh.

Superman has been nothing short of incredible over the past few days. He has moved the majority of our things from the old house to this one by himself. This includes our Cal King sized bed frame and mattress, huge dresser, bookcases and books, twin trundle bed, crib and most of my kitchen stuff. He certainly was worthy of the back rub I gave him 5 minutes ago.

This house is feeling more like home. The yard still intimidates me though. Lots and lots of rose bushes. A full sprinkler system. A bunch of other plants I have no idea how to care for. There is a rather large area ready to be made into a garden, though, and I'm excited to research what (if anything) I can plant in the fall (or now.) This house also continues to have SPACE. I know, big deal, right? YES. IT IS A BIG DEAL. It seems so superfluous. I hope I can retain this feeling. I don't want to expand to fill what space I have if it isn't necessary. I do hope a piano is necessary though - we have room for one if you know of anyone who'd like to donate one to a good cause. Pianos and dogs. Life is always better with pianos and dogs. And good pens with lovely paper. And a camera.

The girls have slept in their room for the past few nights. Val has done just fine. Elaine (predictably) is more sensitive to being in a new house/room/situation and so it's taking her a bit longer to accept her new reality. We're lined up to buy a used bunkbed set which will free up our twin trundle bed to use for actual GUESTS! Our house is big enough to have people over to spend the night on something other than the couch in the family room! They can even have their own room. I love it!

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