Friday, July 17, 2009


I want to remember this about Val. She knows who is in the room when she goes to sleep and will be almost frantic with concern if she wakes up and the person(s) is gone.

It seems to me that if she wakes up briefly, even just to turn over, she will check and see if the room still has the same people who were in it when she fell asleep. A few days ago she came out of her room crying, much earlier than usual, to ask me, "where'd my sister go, Mommy? Where's my sister?" Elaine had started out napping in the room with her but of course when she woke up I took her out.

Today Superman was on the computer just hanging out when she fell asleep. After she fell asleep he left to do something else. Not long after I heard her cries and found a sad little girl waiting at the door saying, "I can't find my Daddy! Mommy, where did Daddy go, Mommy?"

We generally don't stay in the room with her until she falls asleep but I think she's gotten accustomed to living at my parents' house on weekends. We're all in one room.


Took another load to the new house today. Stopped in to make sure the cats were still alive. They are, and I think they've begun to resign themselves to being abandoned by their humans on a weekly basis. Methyl hardly yelled at us at all. Tesla stalked around calmly instead of unleashing waves of kitten energy on anything that moved.

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