Friday, June 5, 2009

Post script

Remember when I wrote this? Well, I do. Now I see it was real-life foreshadowing. Dun dun DUN.

My thyroid is normal. Next up, adrenal gland.

I am taking medication.

The first drug the psychiatrist prescribed didn't help. In fact, it made my anxiety WORSE (and I was on the lowest dose!!!) and so of course I immediately became convinced that no medication would work, ever ever ever, and I was doomed to a miserable life staring at a wall and other people would have to raise my kids. I stuck it out for a week or so, in the hopes that my body would adjust and embrace the new chemicals. It didn't. So I called the doctor and the doctor said (NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED!) we would try this other medication. I've been on this other medication for two days and it seems like a good one for me, though I'm fairly certain the dosage will need to be increased when she checks back with me in a week.

I like my doctor. She's really fantastic! I appreciate her insight and knowledge and I especially appreciate how she takes the time to explain how the drugs work. I like knowing how things work, especially when it has to do with my own brain (I did specialize in neuroscience, after all.) She could just throw drugs at me and tell me to go away but instead she's listening to my feedback and concerns and takes that into consideration in her recommended treatment. It was her idea to see if I have low thyroid (I had forgotten my family's tencency to be low thyroid until she mentioned it!)

So that's all for tonight. Things are looking up and I really really hope they can continue to move up from here because I really would rather avoid going any farther down if at all possible.

And here's this. Because it's pretty much perfect:


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