Thursday, June 18, 2009


Tonight I was reading a book to Val and Elaine. Each page featured a different color and, predictably, there was a fire truck on the RED page. As we talked about all the other red things on the page Val pointed to the fire truck and said matter-of-factly, as only toddlers do, "Mommy owie." I had no idea what caused her to say that so I probed further. Really? Mommy has an owie? With a fire truck? She got a serious, sad look on her face and said, "yes Mommy owie... fire truck... tummy hurt... Mommy owie." I just looked at her, confused as I tried to make sense of what I was sure made sense to her. I asked her were Mommy's owie was, thinking she'd point to one of my scrapes or bruises. Then she said, "Mommy owie right HERE" as she pointed to the left side of her tummy.

Then it hit me like a ton (or two!) of bricks.

She remembered this. At the time I wrote that post I didn't know yet that it was a kidney stone passing from my kidney into my bladder. The paramedics and a fire truck came to the house and she watched as they asked me questions and loaded me onto the stretcher. She could see that the focus was on my left side. I told them and showed them and over again exactly where it hurt. And she watched and took it all in and remembers it still. UNbelievable. That happened at the end of March. It's 3 months later. I realize it was a tramautic occurance for her but I didn't realize how much detail she was able to recall.

I told her I was all better now and she smiled widely, "Mommy, you (she calls herself you) happy! All done, owie." I hugged her and agreed that I was happy and I was all better. (May it continue to be so - there's still a stone hanging out in my left kidney!)

Val is incredible. She blows my mind on a regular basis - I don't know why this discovery should come as such a surprise.


  1. That's so funny. I had a similar experience with Maddy recently when I realized that she had memories of my parents dog from when we visited at Christmas! They have little sponges for brains!

  2. Kids are so amazing. What a great story. Well, not great that you had all that happen, but amazing that she remembers so much.