Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What little sisters are good for

I was in bed talking to Elaine after nursing. She was propped up on my knees and smiling at only some of my antics. Elaine is a picky smiler. She won't smile for just anyone - you have to earn it. Val wandered around the room, alternating between jumping on the bed and climbing into the closet to try on all my shoes. She came over to us and joined in the conversation when suddenly...

"Oooohhhhhhh!" she exclaimed in horror, "Oh NOOOOOOOO!" She pointed to a hot pink scribble on the baby's bassinet covering. I had seen it there earlier that week and suspected it's origin had to do with a curious toddler with easy access to the highlighters on Mommy's bedside table while Mommy pretended to (or actually did) sleep.

"Yes I see that," I responded while nodding, "what happened?"

"Ooooh nooooo," she continued while looking sad, "beebee draw."

"Oh?" I was interested in hearing more, "the baby drew that?"

"Uh-huh," she nodded solemnly, looking very disappointed with the hot pink stain, then sternly, "no no! beebee draw hand." She took Elaine's hand in order to show me how the baby had carried out such a dreadful deed, just in case I happened to doubt her story thus far.

Of course by this point I was trying not to laugh and I had to call Superman into the bedroom so he could hear the story as well.

Good grief, she's only two years old! What have we gotten ourselves into with this whole parenting thing?!?

  • cue my mother cackling with glee*


  1. Sibling rivalry already! Very advanced, your children. And she has a good line in presenting exhibit A, the offending hand- So, defense lawyer?

  2. Smiles and prayers rather than (very much) cackling...

  3. nice joke to play for April Fool's day :)

  4. At least she's not literate yet. I had to explain (truthfully) to my parents how my illiterate (because she was, you know, too young to supposedly be able to write) sister had written my name on the wall. They didn't believe me until AFTER the spanking.I had taught her! To write MY name! On paper, not the wall. I love you, Sarah.