Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Poor Julia

I went to the library today to pick up a book I had placed on hold, which is where the following conversation transpired.

Librarian: Wow, you look like Julia Roberts.

Me (glancing around to see if she's still talking to me): Seriously?

Librarian: Yeah, you must get that all the time.

Me (laughing): No! Never, in fact!

Librarian: Oh. Well I'm surprised more people haven't told you.

Hilarious!!! I'm not wearing any make up and the only thing I did to my hair today was wash it. The librarian was wearing glasses. Perhaps she needs a new perscription.


  1. I get the Cameron Diaz thing on occasion (funny that Bethany said this too!) and my response is the same as yours (*looks over shoulder* who me?) But you have to admit, it can't hurt to be called Julia. Especially since you just had a baby. Rock on, mama!

  2. You should have said 'Yes, I am she'.I think you look more like Helen Hunt. Is that a step down? If so, I meant Julia! You look like Julia!

  3. Once when I'd just chopped my long hair off, I had people tell me I looked like Cameron Diaz. I didn't see it, but ny response was a gleeful, "Ya think? Thanks!!!" I recommend a similar response next time you get compared to Julia!