Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Boy oh boy how I wish I could have Twittered the events of two days ago.

I was transported via ambulance to the ER for severe (SEVERE. SEVERE! I cannot emphasize enough how SEVERE it was!) abdominal pain only on the left side. What the heck is up with me and ambulance rides? Superman is beginning to suspect I'm secretly in love with paramedics. Which might have been true if they had actually given me the morphine I was begging for.

It started out when I woke up that morning and was barely noticeable. Not even pain, really. I wondered if this is what it felt like to ovulate. Some women can feel that although I've never been able to in the past. Even though I'm just 2 months postpartum, ovulating isn't completely out of the question. Then it got a little worse over the course of the day. I still carried on as usual. Did my normal thing. Then it began to feel a bit worse. And then worse. I tried walking around and changing positions. Nothing helped. By the time I called the advice nurse around 2 pm I was in so much pain they put me through directly to talk with the nurse right away. She said to come to ER as soon as I could get someone to watch my children. My parents were 45 minutes away. I picked myself up off the floor,  hobbled to the front door and unlocked it. Then I collapsed onto the recliner and commenced practicing every single pain management trick I could think of.

Now, I'm fairly certain I have a high pain tolerance. I said my pain on a scale of 1 to 10 was a five when I was in labor and 8 cm dilated. This pain was worse than that. WAY WORSE. REALLY REALLY WORSE. A 10 on the scale. Heck, a 15 on the scale. I thought I was going to throw up the pain was so bad. My body was shaking. I had to fight my body's instinct to hold my breath. Talking took effort and concentration.

I called my mom. They were still 15 tortuous minutes away. Then I called 911 because I knew that at any minute I wouldn't be able to answer all the questions I knew they would throw at me. I was so sure I was going to pass out or start throwing up or both and I was alone with the girls who took turns crying throughout this whole ordeal (at least they were kind enough to alternate.)

The paramedics got there and I pleaded with them to give me something for the pain. When I'm in pain I'm not all that dramatic. I don't scream and writhe or moan. I don't flail about in misery. So I suspect it got their attention when I told them that I had given birth to two children naturally and this pain was worse than that. And STILL they gave me no drugs. Sheesh, men. My parents get there and swooped up the girls while the paramedics swooped me into the back of the ambulance.

That was my cue to slowly start feeling better. *Kicks self in shins* Why do I always feel better almost the minute they put me in the ambulance?!? Sure enough, my pain slowly subsided until by the time we reached the hospital 3.1 miles away (there was traffic, so it did take a little time) I had essentially no pain to speak of. All they had given me was fluid. Harumph.

Blood and urine samples were taken. I twiddled my thumbs and wished for a laptop so I could enter our monthly receipts into the budget or something. The doctor asked a bunch of questions but came up with no clear reason for my pain. I felt silly. Blood and urine came back as completely normal.

Having since talked with my mom, one of my aunts and a good friend, I suspect I had a ruptured ovarian cyst. (The aunt and good friend have personal experience with ruptured ovarian cysts.) Everything seems to fit that bill but since it appears to have ruptured before I made it to the ER they couldn't confirm it with an ultrasound. And maybe the ER staff didn't think about a cyst since I had given birth so recently. They did question me about kidney stones though.

I have an appointment tomorrow morning with my OBGYN and I have no idea what she will do or say but I'd like further input into this whole ordeal. Because I sure as heck don't want to have to endure anything like that ever again. Though now I know to get to the ER sooner if I start to feel as though it's happening again.

At least there's only a $50 co-pay per ambulance ride. Good to know for future reference.


  1. YIKES. I'm glad you're okay! That is super weird, though. Although I had an episode like that maybe a couple of years felt like what I imagine labor would feel like...except with no baby. But that was all over abdominal pain, not just one side. Ca-razy.

  2. Eesh! So glad you are OK. That sounds super painful.

  3. Ouch.It could have been a bust appendix or something reaaaaally nasty- I mean life-threatening- so I am glad you are ok.And, to Burndive- men would so not handle pain like that!

  4. "Blessed are you, Hashem, King of the Universe, for not having made me a woman."Sorry, I couldn't resist. I'm sure womanhood is, on the whole, quite a blessing. Now excuse me while I run and hide from the hoard of women whose ire I have just awakened.

  5. What the heck? thats nuts! I'm glad you're ok... keep us updated.

  6. I have had the same pain you've talked about for the same reason. The first time is very scary. Here's what my OBGYN told me:Sometimes the cyst ruptures due to movement during intercourse, but you may not feel it for hours.Sometimes the cysts ruptures on it's own, again the pain is delayed. My pain tolerance now is much higher than it was before SuperChic was born and the pain still makes me cry sometimes.I know this doesn't make you feel better, but I know what you're going through.Also, if you keep track of your cycle and when the pain happens, hours after intercourse, how many days after the start/end of your cycle, etc; it might help. The more information you have the better.