Monday, March 9, 2009

Poison control

Baby's first experience with poison control - March 7, 2009. I almost made it to two years without calling poison control!!!

She's fine.

I'm not fine, because DUDE what if it had been something more serious?!? I am so scatter-brained and sleep-deprived and always doing nineteen things at once. Elaine has thrush and I've been giving her some prescribed medication. I forgot to put the dropper back on the bottle. And then I walked off and left it. For two hours.

It was only by chance I saw Val under the dining room table and since I know she tends to be sneaky I glanced under there and saw her DRINKING FROM THE MEDICINE BOTTLE.

"Baby drink?" she offered me the bottle as I scrambled for my cell phone.

The lady I spoke with from poison control was nice and calming and assured me that Val would probably only get a tummy ache or indigestion at most. Thrush is caused by yeast which is a fungus and treated topically and so the medicine isn't really ingested.



  1. Oh my goodness, Beck. I can't imagine what you felt at that very moment. Thank God Val is perfectly fine. It happens to everyone, and just remember you are a terrific mommy, and be thankful it was nothing serious.

  2. Bless Your Heart, Beck. You did exactly the right thing once the mistake was realized. You are the best and most wonderful mommy ever!! Take heart, God is parenting with you and He's always in control.Lots of respect and admiration's coming your way; See the big smiles??

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. My heart would have stopped to see that child under the table drinking from the bottle. I am so glad it was nothing serious!