Thursday, March 12, 2009

Alive and well



Life is now transpiring faster than the speed of blog, which means I can't keep up with all I want to write. Unless of course I decide to give up sleeping. HAH. Like that will ever happen. I just wish there were a specific chunk of hours each day (beyond the standard 24) for use only by me and only for writing and photo-editing. *sigh*


  1. It spirals out of control: By the time you are eighty years old, you will feel like the entire day is squashed into five minutes. Get Neen to babysit while she's there! Oh, no, wait, she doesn't need any contact with babies- especially cute ones like yours. No baby marketing allowed!

  2. Wait a minute! Didn't you all notice? I used one of my three wishes to give us that extra 24th hour. Before last year, every day had 23 hours. I used my last wish to bump it up to 24, and now it's as if we take that extra hour for granted. Hmm... I guess it's not "extra" if we don't set it aside. We need to treat it differently than those other hours.In case you were wondering, my first wish was for the perfect woman, and the second will remain my secret.