Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Superman brought me a letter from our library addressed to me. I braced myself for some erroneous charge or fine but the letter merely told me that I had returned a "damaged" item. There was wax on the cover.

Uh, ok.

I remember noticing a few drops of wax on the back cover of Postpartum Depression Demystified but it certainly didn't render the book unreadable. I didn't realize that the library would think it's such a big deal. I'm fairly sure the book had wax on it when I checked it out but whatever. Since Val is sick (she woke up from her nap with a fever of 102.1) and Superman was headed to the library anyhow I sent him with the letter and told him I didn't mind owning the book if they insisted we buy it.

He came back with Ratatouille for Val and the book.

"So what's up with the book?"

"Oh they said it's fine as long as we clean it, otherwise they'll charge us a $2 cleaning fee."

"Was there a ton of wax on it?"

"No. I scraped most of it off as I was looking at the movies."

"Which their janitor will end up vacuuming, so they will end up cleaning it."

"Yup. I'm terrible."


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