Friday, February 13, 2009


I feel like Superwoman. Or at least Supermom. I'm recording this not to toot my own horn, but as evidence that it CAN be done for me to look back on later and gape incredulously.

Tonight Superman left me. He left me all alone with our girls to go help his Grandma move - a noble cause, to be sure. He goes back to work on Friday so I know the time is rapidly approaching when I'll be left for more than just an afternoon and evening with two little girls but I wanted to put off the inevitable for as long as possible.

Tonight, I figured I might as well go all out and see what happened.

I made soup from scratch. We ate on time. I gave Val a bath. During all this I comforted Elaine through various bouts of gas/poop which is completely miserable for all involved. (This is us.) I pretty much cooked and ate while holding the baby (and directing the "helpful" toddler.) I put Val to bed and she stayed there (!!!) AND fell asleep (!!!). Elaine is asleep in the swing. She finally took a Soothie pacifier (I've tried all kinds multiple times) and great rejoicing was (quietly!) heard throughout the house. I started laundry.

Huh. Well now that I wrote it out there it sure doesn't look like all that much, does it? And yes, the house is a wreck but I feel invincible.

Um, never mind. Elaine is screaming in the swing.



  1. I totally agree with Debbi!!! I could read what you write every day and still come away with added inspiration and admiration. No MIL has a better DIL!! You'll always delight me; my son is exceedingly blessed by you!

  2. Way to go Supermom!!! I had the same breastfeeding issue with #1 & 2 by #3 I think my body figured it out. Just thought I would say hi and let you know I am reading. I love your writing, it brings me joy and helps me appreciate life more. You have great perspective.

  3. You are amazing. I'm in awe.

  4. wow, i'm sorry! bring home a new baby and BAM everyone's sick. Well, rest up (whatever that means in your state of busy-ness!)!! Hope everyone gets better soon =)

  5. Sounds like SuperMom to me! I can't imagine doing all that with a newborn and toddler. I know we just do what we have to do, but it still sounds really draining.