Friday, February 27, 2009


Signs your toddler may be ready to potty train even though you have done absolutely nothing to get her ready:

You are sorting though hand-me-down clothes and find a pair underwear in her size. She picks it out of the pile and delightedly runs to her room while exclaiming, "Mine! On? Mine! On?" You follow her to find that she has take off her pants and her diaper and is trying to put the underwear on.

I'm not ready! The house is too cold for a half-naked child (with a cold/cough!) to run around in and besides, Elaine screamed for most of four hours tonight!


  1. Whoa, that's great that she's interested! Give it a shot and keep us updated! Good luck!

  2. Take cue's from the kid, days when she wants to try, try, days when she doesn't, don't. If you're not quite ready it just might save your sanity. Also, keep a potty chair in the main play area if you can. Can I have the password please?

  3. CUTE! :) Megan & Mom told me to tell you that I guess Val actually went to the "potty" when Megan held her on the toilet yesterday! It's a start! :) :) :) Thank you so much for making the trip yesterday!

  4. Ahh, potty training. Good Luck!