Friday, February 27, 2009

Please. Thank you.

We're eating fake Lucky Charms for an after-nap snack. I'm wearing Elaine in the Ellaroo Wrap to which Val nearly always says, "baby HUG!"

"Juice?" she asks politely. Juice isn't a regular thing for Val but I decide to allow it this time.

"Say, 'Mommy, juice please?'" I instruct.

"Mommy, juice mine thank you!" she replies gleefully.

I think it's time for me to start making her ask politely for something and then denying the request. Call me cruel but that's how the real world works.

*email me if you'd like the password for the previous post*


  1. I love all of the cute Val stories!!I don't have your email address handy, but password-protected posts always make me so curious. I understand if you only want to share it with people you know in real life, however!

  2. I'd like the password! Can you e-mail me through this comment? I think you can.