Monday, February 2, 2009

Meh how I feel about blogging these days. Oh I'll get to the birth story eventually - I've started a rough draft - but I'm not in any rush to write. Funny. I expected differently from myself, but I don't force myself to write if I'm not "feeling it." I write much better when I'm "feeling it" and as far as I know there's nothing to speed up the process until I wake up one day "feeling it." So wait we must.

Two kids! Two whole girl kids! Wow. My daughterS. My girlS. My childREN.

First sushi experience was last night and was sponsored by some very kind and understanding friends of ours. There wasn't much talking during the meal, let me tell you.

Yesterday my milk finished coming in and now Elaine (Not her real name! Just her blog name!) and I have been trying to work out an agreeable nursing schedule for both of us. She nurses like a pro (and has since birth) but can't understand why I would deny her the boob. She has yet to understand the concept of a full tummy, and after she unloaded the contents of her overly-full tummy all over me and the bed last night I'm trying to help her. She's a mostly willing student and I'm thankful for that. I am certainly glad that my milk production is above and beyond what's needed but I wish it would just chill out already because talk about uncomfortable! Jeez.


  1. Congrats on having two kids!I was shocked when I realized I had two as well.Heck, sometimes I'm STILL shocked and my daughter is nearly two.

  2. Birth story. Oh yeah. Thanks for reminding me... ;)

  3. Are you going to stick with 'Kem' as your firstborn's blog name?

  4. I hear ya on the over-supply thing. I'm STILL kind of dealing with it. I'd rather have this problem than the other way around, I guess. Eagerly awaiting the birth story!!