Monday, February 16, 2009

A labor and delivery story

*First draft. I'll be back to fine-tune/edit but I figured I'd go ahead and publish it now. Italicized tweets are dispersed throughout. =)* My last prenatal appointment was Monday and I went straight to Panera afterwards. I wanted to be sure to squeeze in as many dates with myself at Panera as possible before the newest little person in our family arrived and consumed all or most of my time and energy. I had contractions off and on all day Tuesday starting at 4 am.

Operation baby watch: hardly any contractions today. A few last night that were strong enough to wake me up. Dinner at Chevy's still on. =)

They died down on Wednesday and so we continued with our plan to go out to eat at Chevy's with some old friends. I had the steak tostada salad along with piles of chips and delicious salsa. Nothing remarkable happened.  

Now paranoid that my water will break all over my awesome sheepskin boots. And how do you clean that up?

I now know my water has a tendency to break at the last possible second, which is good for the baby's protection, I suppose, but maddening as far as progressing onward with labor. We were in bed a little before 10 pm and the contractions started up again. This time they didn't go away if I changed position or lay down and relaxed.

OOOOOOOOOOWWWW. Ow ow ow. Will probably call Kaiser in the next half hour or so if this doesn't let up.

Told husband I was going to call Kaiser. He said, "OK" agreeably and fell back asleep. Hmm.

On hold with Kaiser. Hoped to talk w/them between contractions. Dang.

Hah. Hold music is "Don't you worry about a thing..."

They said I can come in whenever, but won't admit me until I'm 4 cm. Wish I could check myself. Have a feeling I'm not there yet. Will wait.

going to the hospital. praying i'll be 4 cm.

oh jeez. contractions in the car aren't fun.

they allow cell phones! lucky us! I'm 8-9 cm. and astonished. no epidural for me this time. kinda wanted to try it. - Come ON baby!

- My labor coach hard at work. Seriously. Never let it be said I don't do all the work around here. At least he ...

just took a narcotic to take the edge off my triple-peaking contractions. making me sleepy.

at 9 cm and not moving/walking around in order to try and get a second dose of antibiotics in me because I'm GBS+

Hi little girl! 7:50 am, 8 lb. 4 oz., 21 in. long. SO glad that's over with.

- Helena Nicole






  1. Awesome story. You are heroic.

  2. how beautiful.... *wipes away tear*(I can't believe how unhelpful the L&D nurse was when u called though!)

  3. Yay birth story!! I stayed up past my bedtime to read it. ;-) Go you!! I can't believe how long you had to "hang out" from 8cm on! And laboring in bed?? Dude. I was also GBS+ but forwent the second round of antibiotics (don't even think the first got a chance to get in) so they did have to check M's blood afterward. She was fine. So glad that she came quickly, on her own, and in perfect condition!

  4. What an amazingly glorious story to read. I'm sure I'll re-read it several more times. Thanks, the story was well worth the wait. Again and again, PTL and Congrats to the happy family of four.

  5. This was beautifully written. (The parts I read, anyway. I might have skimmed during some parts. o_O)This cracked me up: "Notice my tweets are no longer properly capitalized. Evidence of pain, or laziness." Yeah, you lazy mother-in-labor, you. o_OAnother great part: when he asked me, "do you mind if I take a quick nap?" I glared at him and said, "YES, I mind!"Yeah, I know, I'm only mentioning the amusing parts, but... really, this is such a precious moment. (Can I say that? The big-headed children figurines people won't sue me, will they?) Thank you for sharing.But I'm glad my empathy does have limits. ':P