Friday, February 27, 2009


More than twice now complete strangers (the lady at the deli counter; a guy at the car dealership) have felt the need to ask my off-duty husband completely out of the blue, "are you a cop?" Of course he is. He was born to be.

The path he took to getting here was a long one but law enforcement was always something he's always wanted to do. Now that he works in this profession it's even more clear that he was made for the role. He was born to wear a bullet proof vest and gun every day. He was born to serve his community.

Family members have been saying that a law enforcement career would fit him his whole life and now his skill set is obvious to complete strangers as well. When those strangers received their answer, "yes, I am a cop," they weren't surprised. They already knew. Something about him and the way he carries himself made it evident to them. Oddly enough not a single person has asked him if he's in the military (we live by an air force base) - they always ask if he's a cop.

I want to perform as well as he does in the roles I've been called to fill. I want strangers to notice and identify me and what I'm about, even if I'm not doing anything obviously related. I want it to be that obvious. I want them to be able to look at me and think, "wow that fits her so well. She was born to be Superman's wife and the mother of their children."

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