Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I don't think I'm ready to be a mother. Why are things designed so that the primary caretaker of brand new human beings are so sleep-deprived and scatter brained that they very well may damage said new human unintentionally?!? And often have another small, developing human to watch over at the same time? It's a wonder we're all alive.


It feels as though I'll never have a minute to myself again, and I haven't even been left with the girls on my own yet. (But here I am blogging so obviously what I FEEL isn't true!)

I'm drawing a blank because in four minutes I MUST wake the sleeping baby to eat. Her little tummy has been so gurgley and growly and bloated that I alternate between worrying that she's hungry to worrying that I'm giving her too much (I tend to think it's the latter) but when she's arching her back and wailing I can't help but want to quiet her by nursing even though I know it's probably compounding the problem. It's not easy being two weeks old. It's also not easy being the mother of a two-week old.

Val (K's new blog name) has been wonderful. She loves loves LOVES her baby and I have to say, "no more kisses! no more hugs! the baby needs to sleep!" at least twice a day.

An old picture (like, from a WEEK ago!):



  1. Awwww. That pic makes me go all gooey. Yes, I remember that confusing time: wondering whether to wake the sleeping babe. Wondering whether you're giving them enough/too much. And yet, it all seems to magically work itself out by around 6 weeks. Sending lots of strength to you!!

  2. 1st thought "why is Beck giving me a blog name?"I must need sleep too! Except I have no excuse for being up or for not yet sending a package I have for the girls :)

  3. You might not get time to yourself for a while. Just a warning. But! It does get better. We still have our tough days, but I find that as time goes on I keep figuring out new ways to buy a little time here or keep someone happy for a little longer... You can do it!