Sunday, January 25, 2009



It hailed today. (See the solitary piece of hail in Superman's hand?) Being the true Californians we are we dashed outside in our bare feet and t-shirts (only true of Superman, but still) to stand under a stormy sky (with patches of blue in the distance) and be pelted with little bits of ice. Of course it melted pretty much as soon as it hit the ground. As far as I know it was K's first experience with hail and after it died down and turned into rain she continued to watch at the window and ask for, "more ice?" The next few days are supposed to be sunny. At last. We've had to endure, what, five whole days of clouds and rain?! I mean, I know it's January and all, but still. Five days is a lot to go (mostly) without sun and with lows in the mid-thirties. (OK sorry. I'm stopping.)

I continue to be a rabid fan of Freecycle. Yesterday we became the proud owners of a lovely Hoover carpet steam cleaner. Today we became the proud owners of CLEAN carpet. Or, a lot LOT cleaner than it used to be. Oh my word. I did take pictures but am too embarrassed to post them here because you might stop visiting me if you knew how awfully dirty the carpets were. Especially in the mudroom which is the only carpeted room our dogs are allowed in and also where the cats spend a good portion of time. Let me just say - EW. EEEEEEEEEW! I'm re-thinking my plan to re-carpet the whole house. Carpet is disgusting. Even though I vacuumed the mudroom mostly once a week it was still terrible! Terrible! Can I convince you of the terribleness without showing you a picture?!? No? Well be convinced because I am not sharing pictures.

In other news... I'm growing tired of feeling my belly rest on the tops of my thighs every time I sit down. Some have suggested the baby has dropped but I am fairly certain it's merely gravity taking its toll on my ridiculous torpedo tummy. I really hope they do an internal exam tomorrow and see if I'm at all dilated. I'm not putting the least bit of energy into believing I am, but it would be nice to know one way or the other. My super husband let me take a nap for a couple of hours this afternoon and I dreamed that H was born with a Jay Leno chin. Let's hope not. She'll have enough to work on with the nose and ears she's bound to inherit.

Also, I SO could have potty trained K by now. It's getting irritating. I'm standing by my decision to wait until after we adjust to H but sheesh! It's tempting. Maybe I should start the potty training and that will ensure H will arrive promptly. Someone at church had the good idea to use the baby sister as encouragement for K to use the toilet, because babies wear diapers and she's a big girl. I could bring H in to "watch" and have her be all impressed (as a newborn gets) at how cool her big sister is. I think that sounds like a good plan. They say to expect some regression too, as a little sibling comes home and the big one feels displaced or suddenly in second place. We'll have to play it by ear and see what feels right for our situation. It would be nice to have to deal with only one diapered child though... =)


"Hurry up, H. See what I have to deal with? It's your turn now."


  1. For some reason the other night, I also dreamed that H had been delievered and we were all shopping (Even your mom) for something. I know, Random.Any way, she was very cute in my dream though (no Jay Leno chin, fortunately). And K was adorable as usual and you can tell her I said so. Hopefully that's a sign H's coming soon and not that she'll decide to come while shopping.

  2. 1. I also love Freecycle. Just got an exersaucer thing last week!2. I have steam cleaned our carpets several times. The water that comes out of it is black. Does that make you feel any better?3. H better hurry on up and come out so we can see pictures of her!!4. I'm thinking about potty-training, too. Any good tips that you've found?

  3. It's funny how quickly that California sense of wonder and innocence disappears when it's ALL ICE, ALL THE TIME. Although I'm pretty sure I'll still be fascinated by thunderstorms when summer comes back around, as impossible as summer seems at the moment.Where are you, Baby H? Hurry it up!