Sunday, January 4, 2009

Full term

You know you've been pregnant for too long when you awake to find yourself trying to shove the cat off your stomach and it's actually the baby that's still inside you. Doh.

My pregnancy is now considered full term even though I won't be overdue for another three weeks. If H were born today her lungs are fully developed and ready to take on this oxygen-filled world on their own.

I should probably pack a hospital bag. And make an effort to shave my legs. Other than that I think we're ready.

K has been talking about the bassinet in Mommy and Daddy's room and the car seat. She points and says matter of factly, "beebee sissah" nodding to herself. She loves to point out babies whenever she sees them and if they look even remotely asleep she'll tell me, "shhhhh! beebee [sleeping]!" I'm encouraged by this love for all things baby but I know it'll be a rough transition to share her mommy. (It'll be rough on her mommy too!) Or maybe she'll have a harder time sharing her daddy. We frequently have group hugs and inevitably half-way through she'll pick her head up off Superman's shoulder while pushing me away and saying sternly, "Mommy, no! Mine!" and then return to hugging her daddy all by herself. When Superman and I do get the opportunity to hug and kiss sans K she runs and wedges herself between us, standing still and looking cute until we look down and act surprised. And then we scoop her up and cover her with kisses. A lot of K kissing goes on at our house.

My transfer to Kaiser's system has gone quite smoothly thus far which is awesome. I'm sad that I probably won't know whoever delivers me... but there was a chance of that happening at Sutter too. I'm slightly worried about the drive to the closest Kaiser hospital which is twice as long as I had to drive last time. Of course last time I wasn't even in labor yet when I made the drive. I hope my body decides to start labor on its own this time. The advice nurse thought I may be able to deliver in my hometown though I'll have to wait and see after the first visit with my NP before I know for sure. I was sad to have to leave all my doctors at Sutter, but I'm pretty sure we snagged some good ones at Kaiser too. I really think I'll like K's pediatrician and my NP was highly recommended by the advice nurse.

When H is born I'm planning on doing a complete name-change for everyone on my blog. Well, at least for the girls. I don't like calling K 'Kem' or 'K' and so I've thought of one name I'll use for H, but still am stuck on what to use for K. But I will use a real-sounding name. Leah made a good point a while back about real names (though not necessarily real-life names) making it easier on the reader. Posts flow more smoothly. I don't know if I'll rename myself and Superman though, otherwise my domain name probably wouldn't make sense. And I've always been beck. But maybe a change is fine? Oh I know! I can make a poll!

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  1. I voted 'other' because you didn't have the "No" option I'd prefer and I didn't notice the plain "no" choice until too late.I concur with Burndive's comment: "changing names to a different given name is just wacky and confusing."'Real' names are only recognized as such because of cultural familiarity. We happen to recognize given names as such because of common usage in our neck of the world - primarily English, some Spanish, and a few Asian languages. Given names in other languages and cultures are 'strange' to our ears. Thru use (the culture of your blog), Kem has become a 'real nickname' for K. My opinion is to stick with Superman, Beck, & Kem - and create a similar non-real name for H.

  2. Please forgive the editorial artifacts in the above comment. I neglected to properly propagate pluralization when I added HSN.

  3. Gah! Speaking as The Reader(TM), I am perfectly fine with K (or Kem) and H, and I would prefer that you not change from beck merely for the sake of change. If you come up with something good, then by all means, change it, but not for nothing.You've kept your last name(s) pretty well hidden on the open Internet, and let's face it, there are only 26 letters, so if an initial sneaks out here and there, you haven't narrowed it down very much for any potential stalker types.Changing names to appropriate nick names is OK, because a nick name is just that: a nick name. Those of us who know who niloticus and HSN know him and aren't confused by the moniker. Appropriate nicknames, if properly contextualized, also give the person who is reading and doesn't personally know the subject a clue as to what they are like in the name itself and its back-story if applicable.Changing names to a different given name is just wacky and confusing. If I started going by Charles, Clint, or Robert online, pretty soon, people would start thinking of that as my name, whereas if I go by burndive, well, everyone knows that's not my real name, and they won't get mixed up if they know me in real life.My father-in-law's given name is Darwin. Someone in the army started calling him Scott, and it stuck. It's difficult for me to think of him as both Darwin and Scott simultaneously, however, and I think you would be doing the same thing if you changed Kem to some other real-sounding name that is not her own.Opinionatedly,burndive