Friday, January 23, 2009

Due date

Today (or tomorrow, whatever) is H's due date. Here's what happened on K's due date.

I think the general consensus among my children is that my uterus is really comfortable. Or maybe they're just like me and would rather not come out into the cold unless absolutely necessary.

My next prenatal appointment is Monday morning. I'm not sure what Kaiser generally does with women who pass their due date; I might be asked/encouraged to schedule an induction (which I will do for the absolute latest day they'll allow) or maybe they'll take a wait and see approach for another week. I haven't had any internal exams yet so I have no idea if my cervix is at all interested in letting a baby through this time. Last time it had to be convinced with drugs. This time I'm hoping it'll see the futility in refusing to let the baby out and be more cooperative. Either way I was proud of (and thankful for) the relative speed at which it did efface and dilate last time once it got going and I hope this time will be even faster (but not TOO fast, please!)

My vision has been completely normal which is good because I hope NOT to repeat that part of my labor story again. I've been suddenly dizzy a few times over the past couple of days which, though startling (and new to me), is to be expected in pregnant people.

There. All you people who have been obsessively checking my blog (I see the stats!) are up to date. I plan to twitter my labor progress as much as I can until we actually get to the hospital at which point cell phones aren't allowed. After that, please watch my brother's twitter feed (farmertim - handily provided for you on the sidebar to your right) for further updates and news of the birth and details, etc..

Now might be a good time for all you people to weigh in with your predictions on how much you think she'll weigh, how long she'll be, date and time of birth, etc., etc.. It'll give you something to do other than hit refresh.


  1. I just hope she comes this month! And that she doesn't resemble her father's size when he was a baby for your sake!

  2. I'm not sure about a prediction. ;) But I'm eagerly awaiting news and pictures. I'm so wiggly about you having a baby. YAY. :)

  3. I say 7lb. 10 oz. and 20 in. and today or tomorrow sounds like a pretty good time for her to come since I start school on Monday :)

  4. Superman's MomJanuary 23, 2009 at 9:22 PM

    Because H's dad was such a husky 'little' bundle, I'm guessing H will be 8 lbs and 12 oz.I'm thinking maybe about 21 1/2 inches long. We're all dressed and ready for her birthday TODAY!!!! Did you hear that Sweet Girl??? TODAY as in N-O-W!!!! Oh wait, Grampy and I are planning to go dancing tonight,.... well, we'll give that up,... Come Baby!

  5. Ok, my mom guesses 8lbs, 2 oz and 20 inches long. For your sake, I wish 6 lbs, 13 oz or so. =) lighter babies are preferable, i'm sure.

  6. Sorry, that anon above was me. Good luck again!

  7. Yeah...not gonna lie...I've been checking a lot. A lot. On Facebook and here, just in case I missed something. :)