Friday, January 9, 2009

The Butterfly Project

Three things! No, not three things about me... just cool links I came across today. For those of you who haven't already noticed there is a section in the sidebar to your right called Eye-Catching. Occasionally I'll put the link to an article or blog-post I find interesting over there; you can subscribe to it just like you can to this blog. Anyhow here are today's things, one of which I wanted to draw special attention to.

1. A retired 747 becomes a low(er)-cost hotel for travelers! The location is certainly convenient for air-travelers. =)

2. Autism possibly linked to environment? I'm not firmly planted in any one 'autism-is-caused-by-THIS' camp, but I do enjoy hearing about the research and what various studies uncover and/or further complicate. Autism is on the rise and certainly is affecting more and more children and their families.

3. Last but absolutely not least (and the main reason I'm writing a whole post to draw extra attention) The Butterfly Project. I have been to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC and the Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. In Jerusalem there is an additional memorial to the children which I will never, ever, ever forget. Ever. It's absolutely heart-crushing and gut-wrenching and I visited before I even had children of my own. I would handle it very poorly if I were to visit again, but that wouldn't keep me from going. Anyhow, I'll be sending at least two butterflies for the project (one for each of my girls) and maybe more.

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  1. I LOVE The Butterfly Project. I'll send one in for me and Drew.