Monday, January 26, 2009


FYI, babies don't read calendars.

This morning was just a standard prenatal appointment. I love my NP. Will definitely go back to her for all my appointments from now on. I want Kaiser to send me a feedback questionnaire just so I can tell them how fantastic she is.

I'll go back on Friday (which is when I'll be 41 weeks) to do a non stress test on the baby and ultrasound to check my amniotic fluid levels. Then a doctor will do an internal exam to see what's up with my cervix. Then depending on all this information we will discuss induction and probably set a date as they won't let me be pregnant past 42 weeks.

"Further bulletins as events warrant."


  1. My experience...with my when the dr sets an induction date, then the baby decides to get goin'. Wishing you a quick delivery in a day or two from now!

  2. That's great! Daniel was 7 days "late", I mean, right on time. :D When we went in for our routine appt. at 41 weeks, our Dr. wanted to induce; we said we were leaving. He was consoled with a 30 min. strip of fetal heart monitoring and we got to go. (With some kind admonition like, you BETTER get here in time, and if you want to go longer than 42 weeks, get yourself another DR....all with a smile, though: I think he really does like us:) Daniel got here within 24 hrs. of that conversation. We'll be praying for you and H...and remember, patience worketh tribulation. No, tribulation worketh patience....but perhaps both sometimes feel true! :)