Friday, January 9, 2009

38 weeks

I'm at the point in my pregnancy where I can easily guess people's thoughts as they try to look at me without making it seem like they're looking. I get sidelong glances that last a few more seconds longer than usual; they think they're being discreet but I notice. Here's what they're thinking:

Oh my, I wonder when she's due.
If her water breaks I'm so outta here.
Oh that poor girl, she must be so uncomfortable.
I bet she's ready to pop.
Wow that chick is pregnant.
Thank the good lord I'm done having babies.
What is she thinking having another baby so soon?


Note the crazed Tesla-cat in the background. I've recently put more catnip on that scratch board, much to his satisfaction. I didn't mean to wear a shirt that camouflaged so well against the chalkboard but you get the gist. I'm very pregnant. 38 weeks.

Today my chiropractor laughed at me, saying he'd never seen a woman who carried ALL her pregnancy right THERE, as if all I had done was stuff a basketball up my shirt and paraded around claiming to be pregnant. Then he adjusted me for sharp lower back pain most likely caused and aggravated by the non-basketball and her nearly-30-lb. big sister.

At the start of both pregnancies I smiled and thought about how wonderful it would be to carry twins. At the end of both pregnancies I've winced and thought about how impossible it would be for another baby to fit ANYwhere. Though I bet if I do have twins someday I'll deliver early - and that would be wonderful!


  1. Wow, I wish I would carry all right there. I am afraid my butt and thighs think they are pregnant too.You look beautifull!

  2. You look wonderful! I can totally picture little H in there, lounging with her legs stretched all the way out. :-) You're almost there!

  3. I'm thinking they're thinking that you look amazing.

  4. i don't care what anyone says, you look beautiful!!!