Tuesday, January 6, 2009

25: Because I'm at least one better than Keifer Sutherland

I was tagged in this thingy by Tim (aka burndive) and must do it before H is born. Or I never will. Or I probably would because I like to talk about me me me but it would wait for a long time until I could actually be coherent enough. Not that that's stopped me from blogging before...

I got tagged, so I get to list 25 random things, facts, habits, goals, etc. about myself, and then I tag 25 people, including the person who tagged me, and if they haven't already done it, they need to do it too. (Um. If you were tagged by someone that probably means they've already done it. So I don't see the point in back-tagging.)

  1. My body type (excluding the pregnant part) happens to be genetic. I do not look this way because I am in good physical shape. Or because I pay any attention at all to what/how I eat. You could probably beat me in a race to the end of the street. Seriously. In my family's case 'skinny' does not necessarily equal 'in shape' and I find that many people make that assumption automatically.

  2. I've never broken a bone and never hope to.

  3. Now that I'm done with formal education (for the foreseeable future) I would love to go back to school. I might major in something to do with writing or photography. Or study further into neuro-science and the brain. Learning is fun. I like it. (Except when I don't.)

  4. Being married is one of the hardest things I've ever done. Until I became a parent as well. Both are incredibly rewarding and absolutely well-worth it. Both take every last ounce of everything out of you (and then some. And then some more.)

  5. I am an INTJ, and I like it.

  6. In general I am not a girlie girl. Neither was (is!) my mother. I tend to relate better to boys. I don't know how to "do" girlie things and this makes me somewhat apprehensive when it comes to raising my daughters. What do I do if they love dolls or the color pink? Or if they love spending hours doing their hair and make-up? I want to encourage them to be them and I don't want my preferences getting in the way. I think it'll be difficult but I'm up for the challenge. (I always thought I'd be raising a crop of boys. And here I have two girls. Ha ha, God. Ha ha.)

  7. I pooh-poohed smart phones. And then I got one.

  8. I have a bad habit of not doing or participating in things I'm not good at. A lamentable combination of pride and perfectionism. Fortunately I have a child, who is quickly teaching me to be humble and to throw perfectionism to the wind.

  9. I absolutely adore climbing a good tree. Oaks are wonderful. It's even better if I can read a book in the tree. I love everything about trees.

  10. I'm new at this whole celebrating Christmas thing, but excited to do it!

  11. I've read the Bible cover-to-cover more than twice and things STILL jump out at me that I've never noticed before.

  12. Once upon a time long, long ago, I fell out of the back of a little red wagon and smashed my skull against our brick porch. I had been standing up in the wagon. And wearing roller skates. And my little brother was pulling me. Thankfully my hair color is darkening as I get older.

  13. Being a stay at home mom is HARD. I am never off-duty, even (especially!) when asleep. I always "bring my work home with me." There is no time for me unless I make it. I'm getting better at making time for me because if I don't things spiral downwards pretty quickly.

  14. Neither Superman nor I are especially romantic and this is something we take a bit of pride in. Mostly we enjoy the shock and disbelief of other couples as they hear about our callous disregard for things like cards, chocolate, flower-buying, candles, rose petals, romantic music or even gifts for the other's birthday. We generally decide what we want for our birthday and then go out and get it ourselves. Then tell the other what we got. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a romantic husband, but I doubt he would fit me as well as Superman does. Fortunately this goes well with number 6!

  15. I like to bake. I'm a terrible cook.

  16. The house I live in is in a constant state of upgrading. We failed to factor children into our master plan to overhaul this 50-plus-year-old house and so that is why we currently lack central air and heat. And why we don't have exterior siding on 1/4 the house. And why 1/3 of the house's walls are unfinished sheet rock. But we manage. Most of the time it's fun.

  17. I enjoy pets. Especially dogs. I would love to work with and train seeing-eye or police-dog puppies but for now I get to work with and train my daughters instead. I have two German Shepherd mixes and two American Curl cats. I think we've reached the pet limit for a while now... need to even out the kid to pet ratio.

  18. My little girl loves books and loves animals and this makes me proud.

  19. I would love to get a trampoline. I grew up with one (before they had those wussy walls around them!) and have many fond memories (and very few painful ones, surprisingly) of time spent on the trampoline.

  20. I'm looking forward to meeting my second little girl and learning about her personality. I'm praying she'll take after her daddy like her older sister did but I'm not holding my breath. They say second babies usually aren't anything like the first, which means she'll probably take after me instead and all my mother's prayers in that regard will be answered.

  21. I didn't major in something to do with literature/writing/journalism in college even though several of my high school teachers encouraged me to. I was afraid it would kill my desire to write. So I majored in biology instead, and never changed my major throughout all my college career.

  22. I would like a purple hand gun to take shooting with my husband. I'm not sure how to get the purple part, but my multi-gun-owning brother says there are ways.

  23. Movies and TV shows rarely interest me. Maybe because we don't have a TV (but still watch some shows online via the broadcaster's website or hulu.com.)

  24. My spelling is atrocious. (No I didn't spell that correctly the first time. Thank you Firefox add-on that corrects the spelling of any word you type in the browser!) That doesn't keep me from writing though, especially typing. When writing by hand I'll sometimes switch to a word I know how to spell instead of using the better one I don't know how to spell.

  25. I like having a small house. I'm not sure if this one could handle a third child, but generally a smaller house means less to clean and less stuff to deal with.

Whew that was long. Some of these things may or may not have been taken from this list of 110 (yes you read that correctly) things about me here. And now for the tagging! If you just read this, consider yourself tagged. I don't care if you don't have a blog. Email me. I don't care if you don't have my email address. Leave a comment with yours and I'll reply with my email address. I don't even care if you don't do all 25 things. Even 3 things I didn't know about you before would be interesting!


  1. Re: 14 and 22: you are so weird. :) I might do this someday, but it sounds like too much work right now.

  2. Yeah. Speak is an annoying comment equivilent. It's also annoying because after someone has commented, the thing tells me I have Comments, not Speeches. Which I imagine would be the post-commented equivilent word. All I'm asking for is consistency.MistaBlades is the exact opposite of me. He is an Inspector (very fitting) or ISTJ. Although I wonder if he retook the test now if he would be any different on account of artsy influences. Same applies to me because of pratical influences. That stock photo idea is a good one but I don't know how I feel about selling my photos. I have mixed feelings about selling out but the money that comes with it would be nice.

  3. My one thing is that I chose the comment name of Tuesday because Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. It used to be because Gilmore Girls played on Tuesday and I liked the Michelle Branch song- Tuesday Mornings- but gradually the day just grew on me. I think it's conviently placed in the week, not too early and not too late. I perfer to be perfectly on time and Tuesday seems to be the on time day. (hmph I don't know if that made any sense...oh well)There is 1 fact about me but I did the other 25 on my blog for you. I was too lazy to tag people on facebook so I stole your reader tag idea. So thank you and I enjoyed this survey. It was a good writer's block breaker. Also when you go to rename people, I should probably change my name so that it makes more sense.

  4. Hi. You don't know me. While that might sound creepy, a certain J Klassen would vouch that I am a perfectly harmless person. Okay, so I do have a tendency to smash eggs on her head on the rare occasions I see her, but that's still pretty harmless. And it makes your hair soft and shiny, so I look at it as doing her a favor.Anyway, I've been meaning to de-lurk for a while, but it's kind of awkward. So, if you'll email me, I'll send you 25 things about myself tomorrow, and you'll know a bit about one of the totally random people who reads your blog. I'm "teritheweird27" and it's a hotmail account. Sorry to test your spelling skills with the word "weird".

  5. The only purpose of back-tagging (on Facebook, at least) is that when you tag someone, it shows up in their notifications, so they know about your post in case it doesn't hit their home feed or they don't check back at the right time. It's one of those crutches for those who don't use feed aggregators. Tagging is also the only way of making a link to "someone" on Facebook: the analog of providing a link to my blog.