Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I hate starting a post without a clear idea for a direction I want to go... but here I am with time to post and who knows when you'll hear from me next if I don't take this opportunity.

Last night I helped decorate a Christmas tree for the first time in my entire life. Our family didn't celebrate Christmas which is why I've made it 25 years without decorating a single one. The last few years of our marriage I've wanted to celebrate with all the decorations and the like but since we're never home for Christmas (always at Superman's family's house) we didn't bother getting a tree. This year K is old enough to possibly enjoy and remember things so we set up an artificial tree (snagged from Superman's parents' attic - thanks!) last night. She loved carrying the ornaments to Daddy and crawling around under the tree. So far our policy regarding the touching of the tree has been that gentle touching is allowed and no ornaments may be removed (or thrown!) She's done pretty well and loves to see it all lit up. I don't blame her for wanting to touch the shiny ornaments so we haven't kept her from doing that... as long as she's gentle!

Gentle is a word she's heard a lot recently, especially since we've acquired a new little kitty!



These pictures are from Thanksgiving time, when we picked him up from my aunt. My aunt is the breed's founder. Even though our kitty's ears don't curl, a few of his littermates' ears do (it's not a dominant trait), and of course Methylene has curly ears (but not show quality, which is how she ended up with us.) Curls are fantastic cats with great (almost dog-like) personalities and very tolerant of almost anything.

We're calling our new little guy Tesla (as in Nikola Tesla) and K adores him. Methyl is Not Impressed, but she'll get over herself with time. Tesla can't be bothered in the least to worry about being accepted by Methyl - he's too busy scampering around with all his crazy kitten energy. He is a sweet little guy, fond of both purring (we say he's powered by a Tesla motor...) and kneading, and tolerates K very, very well. He sleeps in a dog crate in the kitchen for now and each morning K wakes up saying, "Tesla out? Tesla out?" She instructs him on which toy he is or isn't allowed to play with at any given time. He's pretty relaxed about the whole thing and doesn't mind being bossed as long as he has someone's attention!

I'm very impressed with K's overall sensitivity and gentleness to Tesla. For not even being 2 years old yet (and Tesla is 3.5 months) they tolerate each other and cooperate quite well. K can appropriately carry him most of the time (under my strict supervision, of course!) and he's received many kisses. She sometimes is quite insistent upon kissing him exactly on the nose and is irritated when he doesn't comply ("No, Tesla! Kiss!").


  1. Welcome to the wonder of Curls, but just one thing you got wrong: The Vurl gene IS dominant. Your Aunt Grace could've told you that.

  2. So, I did a little research and apparently there's a breeder in Iowa! http://www.breedlist.com/breeders/amec.html#IowaHow ironically annoyed would you be if I ended up going to Des Moines to get a cat that I could've gotten from you? :)

  3. Wow. I just learned all about Tesla thanks to you and wikipedia. Thanks! Did you know he had synesthesia too? Very interesting! I'm sure you already knew that.And of course I adore the kitten and Kem! My mom still misses her curl who finally died last year.

  4. haha when I read the title I immediately thought it stood for Teach English as a Second Language Abroad. I thought it was a tad odd that you were maybe planning on traveling abroad with two small children! I really hope we get to see you and the family in a few weeks! K is sooo big now - I love the little pigtails! Too cute! I'll try to keep Danny from swiping little Tesla (he misses his pets he left with his family in Australia).