Saturday, December 20, 2008


I sense a change in our schedule. Just in time for the new baby! As long as we're changing schedules... might as well change everyone's at once.

Along with K's ability to climb out of her crib in seconds came her inability to sleep for 2-3 hours a day. As I think back, sleep has been irregular for her for a while. I would put her to bed at 7 pm or shortly thereafter and she recently hasn't been falling asleep until closer to 8. She used to get up at 6 am but lately it's been closer to 7. The times she took two naps in one day were so few and far between that I've never classified her as a 2-nap baby and now it looks as though the one nap is hanging by a thread. The day she didn't nap at all she did go to bed earlier but other than that didn't seem phased at all. Although she has napped the past couple of days, they've been significantly shorter (not much longer than an hour, if that) AND her bed time has been pushed back to 8. She's just not tired until then and she's in reasonably good spirits so why not?

So now our days look like this: awake at 7 am, nap at 1 pm, awake around 2 pm, asleep at 8 pm. She never did need much sleep. I however, do. I tried to lie down in her room while she "played quietly" today and it sort of worked. Then she realized that Mommy could be reading her books WHILE she lay down - who wouldn't want to?!? She ended up being happy just sitting by (or ON) me and "reading" them out loud to herself. Not the greatest conditions for resting but at least I was horizontal.

As far as climbing out of the crib goes, she's learned to stay in her bed when we put her there, so I really don't see how the rail is doing anything at this point. When she wakes up from a nap or in the morning she climbs out and comes to find us. I'm going to ask Superman to take the rail down and see how the toddler bed thing goes. We do need to get a baby gate for the door to her room because although her room is pretty much baby safe/proof, the rest of the house is not. Also, it's quite a shock to be lying in bed and open your eyes to see the face of your tiny little baby girl who was just born yesterday (wasn't she?) mere inches from your own and cheerfully exclaiming, "Hiiiiieeee Mommy!"

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  1. I hear you with the sleep issue. I do dream my kids would sleep better, Oh, I dream it every night.They wake around 8-9. Ethan naps around noon for an hour and Kaitlyn is a no-naper. Then they go and go and go and we struggle to get them down before 10, it is usually closer to 11. I wish there was an answer to making a proper schedule but no matter what we try, even early wakings, nothing changes.I hope everything smoothes out and goes well when the new baby arrives, I know you need do I.