Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I've never been one for staying up late unless it's on some generic night when no one else is up and for some reason I either can't put down a book I'm reading or have spent hours on the internet doing whatever. But ask me to stay up for some super party and I'll feel tired thinking about it. This is why I am currently in bed at 10:30 with Superman and Tesla. The dogs are outside, though I wonder if I should bring them in. I don't expect fireworks or many loud explosions at midnight in our part of town, but Jackson gets anxious sometimes.

This past year has brought a much-anticipated and hoped for change in career for Superman and a pretty big career change for me too. Our first baby turned one year old and we became pregnant with our second baby. We've done essentially nothing new to the house which is understandable but also must change in 2009. We survived yet another set of seasons with nothing more than electric heaters and a single window AC unit to heat and cool the not-quite-all-the-way-insulated house. Tesla joined the family. Our baby learned to run and talk and climb out of her crib.

I try not to have resolutions for the whole year. Someone once told me they do monthly resolutions because it's more manageable and less to lose if you happen to fail. I like that.

I resolve to learn to use my DSLR camera more effectively in 2009. Because as it stands now my little brother knows more about it than I do after having read the very book I bought for myself to learn more about it. The nerve.

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