Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pet pics

I am an animal lover. Superman is an animal lover - thank goodness! I can't imagine being married to someone who doesn't share my love for animals. I think it's safe to say K is an animal lover. With two dogs and two cats and almost two kids... our house feels pretty crowded and hectic at times but there would be a big hole if any one of them were gone.

I know I say this a lot but I can't believe my good fortune in that none of our pets have rejected our babies. They are all patient and tolerant. When K was born I watched very, VERY closely until I was convinced they understood and realized she was here to stay as part of the family. I made sure they knew they were second to K. Believe me if any of them so much as hinted at aggression towards K they would have been outta here and living in a more appropriate place. Of course I would have cried my eyes out and missed them dreadfully but no pet is more important than risking a person's (especially my child's) safety. Accidents happen, but (un-provoked) aggression is not acceptable in my animals.

That being said, our dogs and cats have had enormous patience. Even the few times when I wasn't able to prevent K from treating them unacceptably they showed absolutely no interest in hurting K, even in defense. Methyl has never bitten, scratched or even hissed at K. She doesn't even choose to avoid K and continues to sleep by her every night despite the fact that K has hugged her and grabbed her tail/fur way too hard. TBird has endured many unintentional pokes to the eye, has been crawled over and sat on and his ears have been carefully cleaned out with a baby wipe against his will. Jackson has been hit by his toys (she has poor aim) countless times and has listened to many a board book being read to him (she sits down right by his head - it's adorable.) Tesla isn't going to know a life without small children and he's already adapted beautifully to unwanted kisses and not being able to choose his own toys. He doesn't avoid or resent K one bit which again is amazing to me, considering K's clumsiness and supremely LOUD excitement to play with him.


Tesla was sitting in the high chair and K walked up and started to give him kisses, I pulled out the camera, told K to give him another kiss and the instant my camera beeped and the flash popped up Tesla was off to investigate. This picture resulted.


Tesla says, "Come on! Play with me, please?"

Jackson says, "Are you kidding me, crazy kitten? Go bother TBird."


Tesla says, "TBird? Hello? Wanna play?"

TBird says, "Whatever, cat."


Tesla trying to even out the back leg count.


Jackson (and the bunny) listens to a book. Whether they like it or not.


How to make sure your child is NOT allergic to cats! =) Despite my encouraging Methyl to stay OUT of the crib until K falls asleep (she'll endure much less "abuse" that way!), Methyl and K play for a while and then look like this when I come in to check on them before I go to bed. Sometimes Methyl gets there late and jumps into the crib to snuggle but ends up waking K instead. When I go to see why K is crying I run into Methyl hurrying out of K's room with a "I didn't mean to - I swear!" look on her face.


  1. I was going to say the same thing! I love how the wrong-footed boots don't seem to bother her concentration. :-) And that first picture is so cute! K looks so grown up! I love that she leaves her ponytails alone, too.

  2. Nice shoes on the bookreader. :)