Saturday, December 27, 2008

Of mice and memory

Now that K is able to talk more clearly about what she's doing and what she notices I'm amazed by her skills of observation. Just now she came running while exclaiming, "Mommy! Mouse! Mouse!"

I highly doubted she had seen a mouse anywhere (or at least I certainly hoped not!) but still replied, "really? A mouse?"


"OK, where is the mouse?" Maybe she was looking at a book. Though books don't generally elicit as much excitement as she was displaying.

Then she pointed outside to some telephone wires that were pretty far away and on them I saw a squirrel scampering along, using them to get to the next tree. Not only had she noticed the squirrel (a tiny part of her entire visual picture) but she had identified it as best she could given what she knew about animals. We don't have many (if any) books with pictures of squirrels in them, but several do have pictures of mice.

Brilliant, I say. I love discovering that she's discovering things.

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