Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I knew we'd reach this stage eventually.

K has discovered how to remove her pants. And her diaper. And that when she does both these things instead of taking a nap it gets Mom to come back into her room! How cool is that! I've re-diapered and dressed her twice now and even though I have a suspicion she's stripped down a third time I'm going to leave it.

If she pees on herself, so be it. If she poops that would be slightly more disgusting but I have cloth diapered and so am completely prepared for that as well. I would rather do laundry and have her learn that way then turn this into a battle. She's curious and intelligent and she'll have to learn how to dress and undress herself eventually. I have faith in her intelligence and that natural consequences will teach her that taking off a diaper before nap time isn't worth repeating.

Funny that Superman and I were just talking about potty training this morning; I'm pretty sure she's not ready yet. However, if she wants to play the naked baby game we should at least buy a potty chair and see what happens. It would be fabulous to have one diapered baby at a time but I am certainly not getting my hopes up.


  1. It's pretty much decidedly true for all aspects of child development. Men do not really "catch up" until around 21 to 22. But in true developmental speak, every child is special and develops at their own pace. It's just that men's own developmental pace is slower.

  2. Oh boy. You have my deepest sympathies. This is the reason we had to buy stupid pull-ups for a full year (they cost twice as much!) and had to have Erik in dorky rompers for a whole summer. Good luck!Maybe she'll take to the potty. They say girls train earlier.